10 Things Mo Huntley Can’t Live Without

September 6, 2019

Here’s a post nobody asked for but that *I hope* everyone will love. I have been watching a lot of GQ’s “10 Things So and So Can’t Live Without” and felt totally inspired to make my own blog post. I literally use these products/things ERRYDAY and they just make my life better. This in no way is sponsored by any of the companies mentioned, I just wanted to share some hidden and not so hidden gems with you all.

Anglea Roi Grace Mini Crossbody in Black

Honest to God, this is the only bag I use since I purchased it in May. It goes with EVERYTHING, it’s high-quality vegan leather, and fits everything I need from my purse fork to my wallet. I highly recommend this bag or any bag really from Angela Roi.

Hurraw Lip Balm in Mint

I’ve been using Hurraw for about 4 years now and it is HANDS DOWN my all-time favorite lip balm. Hurraw is vegan and cruelty-free, plus they have amazing flavors. My favorite flavor is definitely Mint, but Earl Grey is a close second because it’s so comforting.

Apple Airpods

I had these bad boys before they were douchey and the memes started. I love when I’m listening to something but someone talks to me so I need to take them out for a second and the music stops. When you tap on the side of one it skips the song or activates Siri which is also amazing. Highly recommend if you don’t care about looking like a douche bag.

Havaianas Flip Flops

I know it’s about to be Fall, but everyone needs a pair of these flip flops. They are super comfortable and durable. In the summer, I wear them pretty much every day. They are just super easy to slip on and go.

Memory Foam Pillow

I’ll admit it, I’m a princess when it comes to my sleep. I need a pitch-black room, some light sound from my Google Home or phone, and a THICC memory foam pillow. Remember when you’d go to a friend’s house for a group sleepover and there would be one girl that brings like a toothbrush and a pack of M&M’s? I envy her

OG Labrotories CBD Pods

Like most millennials, I have ~anxiety~. It’s annoying but super manageable with these bad boys! CBD, in general, is just really essential to me for pain management, anxiety, and sleep! I 1000% recommend trying some sort of CBD either topically, orally, or by a vape pen.

Black Aviator Sunglasses

Everyone has their favorite pair of sunglasses, I just have a type. I prefer big black aviators mostly because they make me feel like a bad betch. Currently, THESE are the ones I am wearing but again, I don’t stick to a specific brand.

10ft Long iPhone Charger

Okay ladies, so I’m a #LazyBetch and to prove to you how lazy I am, here’s a secret. I used to have two phone chargers on each side of my queen size bed, so when I rolled over, I could still charge my phone. Now that I am older and wiser, I decided to invest in a 10ft long cable and I am never going back.

The Ordinary Moisturizer

I am The Ordinary’s biggest fan I swear, they have the best AND inexpensive skincare on the market. My favorite and most used product from their line is obviously the moisturizer. It’s very light on the skin, but still super hydrating. Most of their products are under $15 and all are under $30, which is amazing because I am always ballin’ on a budget.


For all of my germaphobe betches out there, get yourself a Steripod! You just clip it on the tip of your toothbrush and it keeps it clean for up to 90 days! Big fan. Steripod sponsor me, please.

Here’s a playlist of all of the GQ 10 Essentials

My Favorite Episodes

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