My Skincare Routine

May 4, 2018
vegan skincare

I either have a bomb skincare routine or I have been blessed by the skin GODS and my skin is normally pretty clear. Keep in mind, my diet, genetics, and lack of throwing makeup on my face probably help too. Either way, I felt like I should share my routine and some of my favorite cruelty-free products!

Without further ado, here is my skincare routine!



The first “step” to my skincare routine is cleansing my face. I find that I only need to cleanse it once a day (at night) because if I do it more than that, then my face gets super dry. Do what feels best for you! If I’m feeling lazy, then use a micellar water! Just rinse after to get the residue off your skin!

vegan cleanser




After I cleanse my face, I ALWAYS put some kind of moisturizer or oil on my face. I love using vitamin E oil the most. It’s super moisturizing, smells good, and helps with fading dark spots.






For the love of God, USE SUNSCREEN! If you’re buying an everyday foundation, moisturizer, BB cream, or anything that’s going to go on your face during the day, make sure it has SPF in it! I want to be a MILF when I’m older so, gotta start protecting my skin now so my future self will thank me. My foundation has SPF 15 in it, Tarte Amazonian Clay Foundation, but I need a good plain face sunscreen if you have any recommendations!



About once or twice a week I do a face mask. I either go for a sheet mask or a mud mask, but any kind of mask is fine! I feel like it’s a form of self-care to do a mask, light a candle, and watch your favorite show. If I ever get a pimple, I just dab some tea tree oil on it and BAM it’s gone the next day! I talked about the magic of tea tree oil before in a blog post called ”5 Products and Things That Changed My Life.”

sheet mask

essential oil


I eat a pretty clean diet, I don’t drink soda, I don’t really eat fast food, and I don’t drink often. Your lifestyle has a big effect on your skin. I’ve noticed when I eat a lot of processed sugar, my skin is super inflamed and often have pimples.



Fun Extras

I love using rose water on my face as a pick me up or even as a body splash. It’s so simple and smells delish. Another product I love that I don’t use often is a light exfoliator. I prefer a light scrub versus a heavy duty scrub because I have super sensitive skin, but do your thang boo, if you like a harsher scrub, go for it!








Thanks so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed this post!

What is your skincare routine? Is there anything I should try to incorporate into my routine? Leave a comment down below and let a girl know!



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