My Winter Favorites

April 6, 2018
roasted red pepper hummus

Happy Springtime, friends! I hope you all had a lovely Easter if you celebrated, and if not, I just hope you had a wonderful week. If you’ve been following the blog for a while, you know I like to do a favorites post every month, but recently I just decided to do seasonal favorites posts. I hope everyone is good with that! Let me know if you prefer monthly favorites or seasonal favorites! Leave a comment down below.

Now onto my winter favorites!



Pita and Hummus

I have been eating SO MUCH pita bread and hummus lately. In the last month, I’ve probably eaten enough pita bread to feed a small village and enough hummus to bathe in. It’s so good!

Ikea Veggie Meatballs

If you didn’t know, the IKEA veggie meatballs are VEGAN! With moving, I have been in and out of IKEA a whole bunch recently and every time I go, I grab a bag of the frozen veggie meatballs by the checkout. You can heat them up on the stove or in the microwave real quick and dip them in BBQ sauce or mix with your fav marinara sauce and some pasta. Super easy and super delicious.

Hippeas Vegan White Cheddar Puffs

OH MY GOD! Hippeas are my new favorite snack. They are like Cheetos but a little crunchier and less artificial tasting. I got a big ass bag from Costco for $6. Amazing!



Pink Fuzzy Coat from ASOS (On Sale for $28!)

If I were one piece of clothing, this jacket is what I would be. It’s soft but still durable and thick enough to keep you warm, pink but has edgy black accents. It’s me in a jacket.

H&M Jeans (Similar Straight & Similar Plus)

I wish they still had the ones I have in stock but these are so similar. I love cropped ankle jeans with raw edges, it’s super trendy and looks good on my long-ass legs.


I love Poshmark! I’ve been selling some old clothes on there to make some quick cash and also buying some cute pieces for cheap! Download the app and try it! If you use my code “MOHUNTLEY”, we both get $5 in spending money! WOO!


Health & Beauty

Pacifica Coconut Milk Cleanser

It’s super creamy, smells amazing (like vanilla coconut cookies), and keeps my skin soft and fresh! What’s not to love?!

SheaMoisture Fruit Fusion Coconut Water Energizing 2 in 1 Body Wash

I got this on a whim in the Target clearance section for $7 and I’m so happy with it. It smells delicious, keeps my skin super hydrated, and can also be used as a bubble bath. This betch loves a multipurpose product!


If you read my post a few weeks ago, How to Reduce Anxiety Naturally, you already know I LOVE CBD oil. It has helped me so much with anxiety, stress relief, and reducing my pain. I really recommend you read my post and learn more about it.



Bon Appétit Youtube Channel

This channel is not vegan whatsoever, but I find it interesting anyway. You can really learn a lot from the experts over on Bon Appetit, plus it’s just fascinating to watch them make things. You can find their channel HERE!

Tasty Behind the Scenes

If you like Buzzfeed Tasty, you will most likely love this. I love it because I find it so interesting to see how they produce their videos from start to finish. You can find their channel HERE! and their vegan playlist HERE!

Celebrity Big Brother

Big Brother is tied for being my favorite TV shoe next to Game of Thrones, so when the queen, Julie Chen, announced at the end of BB19 that they were doing a Celebrity edition, I about lost my voice from screaming so loud. When it premiered in February, I was skeptical. They have CBB in the UK, Australia, and other counties, but they all vary a little bit from each other, so I truly didn’t know what to expect. I can honestly say I was pleasantly surprised, it didn’t flop, there was SO MUCH DRAMA, and they had celebrities I actually knew (like my fav Ross Mathews, ily).  Now that it’s over and the winner has been chosen, I cannot wait for BB20 and CBB2!

THIS Spotify Playlist





Thanks so much for reading. I hope you enjoyed this post!

Leave a comment down below telling me some of your winter favs! What should I check out? Give me recommendations in the comment section below! ALSO! Let me know if I should continue doing seasonal favorites or did you like monthly favorites better?



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    April 11, 2018 at 6:04 pm

    Ugh the snacks are making me hungry lol

    I need to watch Big Brother, everyone loves it!

    • Reply
      Mo Huntley
      April 19, 2018 at 9:58 pm

      YAS! it’s so good!!! they have the older seasons on youtube!

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