My Vegan Story

March 2, 2018

Three years ago on this very day, I started my vegan journey. Not to be dramatic or anything, but I didn’t realize what a life-changing decision I was making that day. I have grown so much in these last three years, not only as a vegan activist but just in general as a person though veganism.

Warning: this post is VERY close to my heart. It’s something I don’t really discuss with a lot of people but I decided it was time to share my little vegan story with the world.

One New Years Eve, in 2009, I was sitting on my living room floor with a group of my friends discussing our New Years Resolutions for the upcoming year. I don’t remember what their’s were, but mine was I wanted to try to be a vegetarian. I remember when I told my friends they all laughed at me. I was the biggest meat-eater ever. My dad was in the kitchen and overheard me say it and yelled, “You know, your first words were ‘Mo meat’, don’t you?” Even though no one really thought I was serious or could even stick with it, I knew it was something I wanted to do. To this day, I’m not really sure why I wanted to. I told everyone that I just wanted to challenge myself and see if I could really do it, but I’m honestly not sure if that’s the real reason. Maybe it had something to do with my conscious or deep down inside of me I just knew it was the right thing do to.

Fast forward to the end of February 2015, I was laying in bed on a Saturday or Sunday watching YouTube videos (like I always do) and in my recommended was a Nina and Randa video about their diet. I don’t remember which one it was but it was when they made a lot of videos on their diet and how their parents had raised them vegan since birth. They looked so healthy and happy; I wanted to be healthy and happy just like them. Basically my whole life I have been on the chunkier side and I have tried almost everything to lose a few lbs but nothing has worked for me. I have counted calories, cut carbs, keto, and everything else you can think of. After I would start to lose a few pounds, I would stop dieting and go back to the way I was eating before, it was never a lifestyle change like it should be. Something clicked inside me when I was watching Nina and Randa’s videos, I needed to make a big lifestyle change if I was going to be healthy. So yes, my secret is out, I initially went vegan for health reasons. But now, I’m vegan for the animals and the environment, and that was a journey of its own.

After a few months of eating a vegan diet, I decided to learn more about the ethical side and the environmental side. I think I started with watching Cowspiricy and then watched THIS speech and it all just clicked into place for me. After doing this research, I was so angry. Why weren’t more people talking about how the environment is directly affected by animal agriculture? Or how most people don’t know that cows only produce milk after they just had a baby? Or even how cows are artificially inseminated so they CAN produce milk for us humans? It blew my mind that we weren’t taught this and I was so angry. Honestly, I still am, I hate being that “angry vegan who only talks about animal rights” but I am just so passionate. I’ve never felt like this about anything before and it’s so hard not to share the information when I feel like people should know! But most people don’t want to know, don’t care, or have different beliefs on the topic. That’s something I’m still trying to understand and it’s so hard because this lifestyle has changed my life in so many ways, and I just want everyone to feel as amazing as I do now.

I’ve experienced many benefits since going vegan but not all of the crazy wild benefits some vegans have said they experienced. I didn’t magically lose 50 pounds or become some super famous Instagram fitness model. I did, however, start to feel amazing inside and out. What I mean by that is, I started feeling better about my body and the way I looked. I feel good in the body I have because my body is awesome and can do awesome things. Some days I hate looking in the mirror and others I can’t stop looking at myself. Going vegan didn’t magically make me think differently about my body, but it changed the way I think about the world and because of that, it changed my perception of myself. It’s hard to explain any more than that, it’s just a feeling of awesomeness you get.

These are some of my first meals when I went vegan. I can’t believe I used to eat like this.


Now, I prefer to eat more satisfying meals like these!











It’s crazy that I’ve been vegan for 3 years now! It feels like it’s been for forever and also like it’s only been a few months. I honestly can’t imagine ever going back to an omni diet now after knowing what I know. Anyway, happy veganversary to me!



Thanks so much for reading, I really hope you enjoyed this post!

If you are reading this and veganism sounds interesting to you, reach out to me via the comments or shoot me an email at I can answer any questions you may have, give some meal ideas, or just be there to support you.



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