What I Eat in a Day as a Vegan

January 22, 2018
vegan grilled cheese and soup




For breakfast, I had a plain bagel with Kite Hill Almond Cream cheese and a matcha latte.

I use an electric milk frother I got from Amazon to make my matcha lattes at home. The one I use can be found HERE for $39.99, which sounds like a lot, but I would spend that in less than two weeks at Starbucks.

I like my bagels toasted with quite a bit of the Kite Hill spread on it. The brand of bagels I prefer is Thomas, which is vegan. My favorite flavors are plain, everything, and blueberry.



vegan bowl


Then for lunch, I had a Buddha bowl with tahini dressing.

In the Buddha bowl, I had some baked sweet potato, baby spinach, apple cider vinegar & dill carrots, garlic Brussels sprouts, jasmine white rice and then I drizzled some tahini dressing on top.

The tahini dressing is so simple but so delicious and versatile. All you do is throw the ingredients into a bowl and whisk them together. You could also double the sauce recipe and save it for a couple days and meal prep the veggies to have throughout the week!



Tahini Dressing

2 Tbsp of tahini

1 tsp of dijon mustard

1 Tbsp of maple syrup

The juice from 1/2 of a lemon

1 tsp of garlic powder

1/4 tsp of black pepper (or to taste)

2-4 Tbsp of water to thin out


grillled vegan cheese


For Dinner, I had vegan grilled cheese with tomato soup. I have this quite often because it’s very easy to whip up, it’s very filling and very delicious.

The soup is from a box, but it is organic and not too bad for you. The brand I always use is Imagine Foods.

For the grilled cheese, I spread some vegan butter on sourdough bread, put Follow Your Heart American Slices, & put it in my panini press. I use my panini press almost DAILY! When I did the Potato Cleanse, I figured out I could use it to make hashbrowns oil-free & super easy.





Thanks so much for reading, I really hope you enjoyed this post!

Leave a comment down below telling me some of your go-to meals or what you ate today! I would LOVE to know.



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